Welcome to the Parish of Winton, Moordown and Charminster website

Parish church provides a wonderful context for friendship, extended family and community engagement, all in the knowledge and love of God, perhaps like no other.


We are a diverse group of people of all ages. We are homemakers, teachers, editors, students, cleaners, jobseekers, child-carers, counsellors, lawyers, engineers, and many other things. We have diverse likes and dislikes when it comes to the important things in life-like music, sport and politics!

We are members of Inclusive Church and traditionally the roots we honour are known as 'liberal Catholic'. In practice this means that we are more diverse and ecclectic than many. Some services will seem quite traditional, mystical even, with incense, choirs, organ music and chanting.

On the other hand we have a large, weekly, term-time Messy Church which is very noisy and informal; which could be described as church for people who don't find 'church' always easy to relate to.

There are also monthly 'All Age' services which are shorter and include the uniformed organisations parades. We even hold a monthly 'Cafe Church' with filter coffee and pastries and worship music played on guitars!


Our core values are Sanctuary, Nurture and Compassion

Sanctuary We provide and believe in providing sanctuary for one another, whether times are rough or going well. More than this though we believe in providing refuge for those who live at the edges of our society, those who are lonely, depressed, seeking asylum, or sleeping rough.

Nurture We place the practice of Jesus of Nazareth at the root of our faith. His teaching and way of life point us to following a path of radical love, forgiveness and service. The church has often been guilty of over-complicating the good news of Christ. Put simply, we believe that God is love and that we experience and reflect this love through following 'The Way' that Jesus Christ taught and lived.

Compassion Committed to care for creation and pursue justice, we take seriously our work on environmental issues and our churchyard is a wildlife conservation area. We are a fair trade church, and support the work of Traidcraft and Christian Aid, alongside a number of local charities who help those who are vulnerable, such as Faithworks, St Michael's, the Women's Refuge and Hope For Food.


In other words, if you are looking for a worshipping community to be part of, there is probably something here for you, whilst being part of something bigger and more diverse.

Flowing like a river through all our church life, we celebrate the times and seasons of the church:

  • Songs of Praise at Harvest
  • Remembering both the fallen and our own loved ones on Remembrance Sunday
  • Beautiful carols at Christmas
  • Lent reflections
  • Palm Sunday walks with our friendly donkeys
  • The outburst of noise and joy on Easter morning
  • The focus on mission and transforming a broken world that Pentecost asks of us


We are the Church of England (Anglican) parish that covers Winton, Moordown and Charminster. We have three church buildings. St Luke's Winton and St Alban's Charminster which are 'chapels of ease' and St John's Moordown which is our parish church. We work well with the other church denominations around town, working alongside them in seeking to transform the lives of people across the conurbation.