Church Services

As you will have read on our home page, we have a variety of church services that meet quite different needs. If you have young children, whilst you would be most welcome at a quiet eucharist with incense, you may worry that your children might grow restless. On the other hand if you are retired and have moved to the area to meet others of your own generation and appreciate a quiet, reflective service, you may or may not want bouncy kids songs, playdough and home-decorated biscuits at Messy Church!

St John's School St Johns 10am St Luke's 10am St Albans's 10am
Week 1 Messy Church All together Eucharist At St John's (children can stay in or attend Messy Church)
Week 2 Messy Church Eucharist All Age eucharist (children stay in) Eucharist
Week 3 Messy Church Eucharist Informal communion Service of the word
Week 4 Messy Church Service of the word Cafe Church (children stay in) Eucharist
Week 5 Messy Church All together Eucharist (continue to rotate until Christmas)


  • At St John's Messy Church takes place each week (term time only) in the school hall just up the road at the same time as the service in church.
  • Service of the word means there are longer readings and sermon and no communion
  • All other Eucharist (or communion) services and services of the word have Sunday Schools where children and a parent go out for the main part of the service, rejoining us as we take communion.
  • At St Luke's at the All Age and Cafe Church services, children stay in; there is a carpeted area with toys and books which is in the middle of the chairs, as it were! This helps us to all feel like we're in it together!
  • The first Sunday of every month (plus the 4 Sundays a year that has a 5th Sunday) we are all together at St John's with Messy Church next door at the school. If it's out of term-time there will be a Sunday School in the vestry.

Evening services

We have regular, evening choral services based around the times and seasons of the year. This averages out at about once a month. Please click here for the brochure.


Our midweek service is at St Luke's Church at 10.00-10.30am and is followed by coffee, cake and chat. Once a month this service includes prayer and anointing of oil for healing and wholeness.

Visitors and guests are always welcome, if you would like to get involved with any of the teams that help keep the wheels of the parish turning please let us know.

  • Children's work
  • Community action
  • Admin support
  • Serving coffee
  • Welcoming team
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
  • Music
  • Choir