The Team

The Rector

Fr Stu left over the summer and we are now in what the Church Of England rather quaintly calls an 'interregnum'. We hope to appoint a new incumbent by the middle third of next year.

The Wardens

Viv Kingston and Karen Gillis are our wonderful parish wardens and have a team of church reps from each church who support them.

Ministry team

Rev Jonathan Williams

Jonathan is a retired police officer and now training to be a counsellor. He has been ordained for 11 years and based at St John's for over 20 years.

Rev James Sharp

James is a 'pioneer minister', which means he spends more time in the community than in church, reminding us that our faith is 'demonstrating the love of God for the last, the least and the lost'. See Community Action for some of the details.

Rev Peter Furber and Rev Jonathan Burke

Peter and Jonathan are local, retired priests who help us regularly by taking services and getting involved with the life of the church. We are deeply grateful for their time, ministry and wisdom!

Licensed lay ministers

Ray Meyrick has been what used to be called a 'lay reader' for over 65 years and seems to know everyone in Moordown! John Newbold is newer to being a lay minister, but both of them bring their time and leadership to our community in many ways.

Director of Music

Barbara Griffiths directs all our music across the parish and conducts the choir at St John's. She is a retired teacher and has encouraged a number of children to join the choir.

Gill Perry

Gill leads the Messy Church team and champions creative play and worship for around 80 families who we see regularly.

Dave Griffiths

Dave is on placement with us for 2017/18 and will be drawing the student work together, alongside helping support the worship for families at St Luke's Church.


Martin Jennings is our part-time Parish Administrator and is to be found at the centre of nearly everything we do. The parish office at St Luke's Church (adjacent to the back of the hall) is open 9-12 weekdays.